[Sensemaking Abandonment]

From spatial to psychological, abandonment
can be understood in many ways. For this
abstract concept to make sense for us, we
developed our own process of analyzing the
sensations & perceptions in an abandoned
space, which we called sensemaking.

More details are available if interested :)

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Space Exploration


Cologne - Germany

#architecture #design #decay #research #sensemaking


2021 -2022






Team Collaboration

Byron Co.

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Sensemaking Abandonment

“Lost & Foundation – Sensemaking Abandonment” is a project that explores the dismissed structures that exist around us. As a method process, we are implementing our sensemaking process of understanding abandonment through deciphering the journey from abandonment to healing.

According to Karl Weick, sensemaking refers to “how we structure the unknown so as to able to act in it”. It is the process by which people give meaning to their collective experience.
Understanding architectural space physically relies on quantitative data analysis. It relies on structure, mapping, physical measurements and structural validity. “Lost & Founding” is a way to “understand” a space through experience and feeling. It acts as an added layer to truly immerse yourself in space. It showcases your ability to empathize with an abandoned space.

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Sensory Experience

From the different sensations and perceptions that were collected from the abandoned space, we had to make sense of it. So in architecture,
one way of visualizing a 3D house was by unraveling or unfolding it two-dimensionally. The flat infographic shows the different areas
of the house our journey took place in, the sensations that were felt all throughout, and also how we as designer and architect perceived
the abandoned space.

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When looking at abandonment through the eyes of architecture, spaces are often seen as dark, scary, avoidable and empty of life. They are associated with a negative connotation. Our aim for this project was to shift this narrative. When a structure is abandoned, it is being left by someone and through time exposed to the elements. Nothing can truly be just abandoned or free if it was not previously experienced. The spatial experience of an abandoned structure will be explored in this project through the sensations and perceptions that come along with it.